Top 10 Interesting Facts about Lions

The king of Jungle – the Lion! Which is a symbol of agility, strength, hold or kingdom, pride etc. That’s why you can see the lion symbol in many of the icons or logos here and there. The flag of United Kingdom also have such sort of symbol. Anyhow, there is a lot of  interesting information and fun facts about lions to know. Here is the list showing you some of the fun facts about lions.

10: Sleepy :

Exactly! Lions sleep a lot. You can assume them as a very lazy creature. Lions love to sleep. According to WWF, Lions can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Seriously? 20 hours?! It’s really a major portion of the whole day. Male Lions also have many other laziness factors just as the next one stated here.

9: Live Luxuriously :

Lions love to live luxuriously as much as they can. Luxurious in their sense not ours i.e Resting a lot and having a lot of free stuff to eat. Well! this makes sense! Everyone loves to live a luxurious life and he will if he is a king. Male lions eat first, even though they don’t prey usually. It is the task of the females to catch and kill the prey but it’s the right of the male to eat that prey first.

8: Socialism :

Not that sort of socialism as we Humans do! but still to some extent they are much more social than many of other big cat species. Lions live in groups may be termed as Pride which consists of some Males and a bit more females. The strongest of the males is the leader of the pride.

7: Males duty :

Okay! We got it! Females do the killing. Females do the cub feeding obviously! Then what are the responsibilities of a male lion in a pride! Well! Eating and sleeping! Haha! A male lion’s responsibility is to protect the pride from other lions. He is the one who struggles to keep his kingdom maintained. He attacks if there are any invaders in his territory.

6: Growth Comparison :

If we compare the males and the females of a pride. Females are a bit weaker than the male lions. Well this fact follows the being animal trend. The males can grow up to 3 meters lengthwise and can weight up to 250 kilograms. On the other hand a female can grow up to 2.7 meters and can weight up to 150 kilograms.

5: Speed :

If we compare running speeds of big cats! Lions aren’t on the top of the list but still they can run very faster! Lions are able to run at a speed of 50 miles per hour if the distances are short. A lion can leap up to 36 feet in a single try.

4: Jungle :

Well! As we stated in the starting paragraph that lions are said to be the king of jungle! But its funny to know that this King doesn’t want to live in his castle. Lions mostly aren’t present in the jungle their usual habitat is grassland and plains. But somehow, the word jungle got associated with them.

3: Ever Heard them :

As far as the facts are concerned a single roar of a lion can be heard from a spot which can be as far as 5 miles from that lion. Well! that’s really fascinating. Just imagine if someone could hear you 5 miles away or if you can shout so much loud!

2: Vision :

Including this one too in our list of fun facts about lions, Vision is also much enhanced in lions. Lions are known for having an amazing night vision and can easily see or prey at night. Just keep this point in your mind if you are somehow forced to camp in African Plains.

1: Compendium :

The fun facts about lions also include the fact that lions can endure water shortage and can live without drinking a single drop of water for four days. All of the females in a pride usually give birth at a same time. The gestation period of lions is of three and a half month.

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