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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Dolphins

Dolphins are thought to be one of the most intelligent animals on the Earth. Dolphins can be found in all the oceans of the Earth and used to swim in form of groups which may contain two to fifteen dolphins. Dolphins have some really great properties. The list of 10 interesting facts about dolphins is :


dolphin facts

10: Brain Evolution!

Dolphins are thought to be as smart as the apes. Although it is really difficult to conduct experiments on such larger marine animals and costly but the lives and the behavior of dolphins are widely studied and the studies reveal that the brain evolution of dolphin is amazingly similar to the humans.

9: Related to Whales

Although you might think that whales are much different from Dolphins, the taxonomic studies tell us that the Dolphins actually belong to the family of whales and we placed this fact in out list of interesting facts about dolphins because it is said that the Killer Whales are dolphins.

8: Radar!

Humans may use their senses of sight and smell to find food for them but dolphins use an entirely different phenomenon. There is a sort of natural radar type thing in them. They use the process called as echolocation in which certain waves are created and processed when they are sensed after striking the objects in their way.

7: Athletes:

I’m not making a joke about the dolphins but I am going to call them as the athletes of the sea. Dolphins are capable of jumping out of the water as high as 20 feet from the surface of the water.

6: Cherish:

Dolphins are also known for their extremely playfulness and cherish behavior. Dolphins play with each other, sometimes they even play fight and dolphins are found to play with other species too including dogs! Keep reading for more interesting facts about dolphins.

5: Enemies:

Dolphins have very few natural enemies or predators which hunt them down but still, they are in much danger of being extinct. Humans are their biggest enemy. Because of hunting, pollution and some other human activities dolphins are having an endangered future. The Yangtze River dolphin is already declared to be extinct since 2006.

4: They cannot smell

Dolphins have an extraordinary sense of vision which can be said to be 10 times of that of human and is equally efficient both underwater and above the water. Dolphins also have highly developed sense of touch but this is also a fact that dolphins can not smell.

3: Showing Culture.

Placed 3rd in the list of interesting facts about dolphins is the fact that dolphins show a behavior which was thought to be the property of humans only. Culture! Yes! Dolphins are really intelligent and it is believed now that dolphins show culture too.

2: Do the Dolphins Drown?

What do you think about this question! Probably a ” No” will be the answer. But dolphins are mammals and due to this fact dolphins tend to come to the surface to breathe and then they swim in the water. Dolphins can drown.

1: One Side of the Brain Stays Awake!

This one is going to be at the top of the interesting facts about dolphins list. Dolphins do sleep but there is something really interesting related to their sleeping habit. Only half part of the brain or only one hemisphere of the brain sleeps at a time and the 2nd hemisphere stays awake which can allow the Dolphins to go to the surface and breathe also dolphins can keep one eye open to suspect any incoming danger.

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