10 Reasons Why Happn Is Better Than Tinder

Find the people you’ve crossed paths with


Think back to the time when you were walking down the street and someone you find cute walks by you. We’ve all been in that position. So many questions start running through your head: What if they’re not single? What if they reject me in front of everyone? What if we have nothing to talk about?

By the time you find the courage to think passed every excuse you gave yourself not to approach them, they’re long gone.

Enter Happn. Happn lets you like (or dislike) people who have crossed paths with in real life.

So let’s say you’re in the cafeteria and you come across someone cute. You both smile at each other but neither of you can grow a pair fast enough to talk to each other. They’re long gone. You quickly get on the Spotted page and post a shoutout.. hoping that they may see it. You keep checking the Spotted page often hoping they replied to it.

Happn solves that problem. You’d quickly be able to open the app and see the person there.


10 Reason Why Happn is Better Than Tinder

1) No “Like” Limits

On Tinder, after swiping right enough times, you hit a roadblock. Either you’re forced to wait 12 hours before being able to like anyone else or you’re asked to upgrade to Tinder Plus. Which will cost you anywhere from $10 to $20 (USD) a month.

On Happn, you can like as many people as you wish without any limits. You will never be asked to pay anything extra just to use the basic features of an app.

2) People You Actually Cross Paths With In Real Life

On Tinder, you are shown everyone within a certain radius. By default, it’s set to something like 50km. Can you imagine the inconvenience of matching with someone who lives that far? It’s has happened way too many times.

I’ve matched with girls living 45 minutes away by car. That’s not practical. The vast majority of the time, it just ends there.

On Happn, you are shown everyone you cross paths with, only. If you’re walking in downtown Montreal, you don’t have to worry someone from the South Shore or Laval is going to show up in the app.

It’s so much easier inviting someone for coffee after both of you had a “crush” through Happn. Chances are you live in the same area and are more likely to be down to go to a cafe nearby.


3) Not forced to like or pass before seeing the next person

On Tinder, you are shown one person at a time. You either swipe left or right. You’re not shown the next person until you have made a decision. A lot of times you’re just unsure, so you end up just closing the app.

On Happn, however, you are shown all the people you’ve crossed paths with in a grid organized chronologically. So you’re not forced to make a decision on a single person. You get to see them all and either like them or dismiss them.

4) You visit the same places

Chances are you want to find someone who likes going to the same places as you. The same cafes, the same restaurants, same clubs and parties, attend the same school, live nearby etc.

This is why Happn is perfect. You match with the people at the same location as you. Unlike Tinder, where the location, other than a defined radius, is irrelevant.


5) Likes don’t disappear

On Tinder, after you like someone, they disappear. Until they like you back, then you get to chat. You don’t get to revisit someone’s profile.

On Happn, after you like someone, they stay present on the grid. You can always return to that profile (unless they dismissed you) and reread the bio or maybe dismiss them after further looking at their pictures.

6) See what music they listen to

happn spotify

Let’s face it. Music plays a massive role on whether or not we are compatible with someone. On Happn, everyone can connect their Spotify account to sync with their profile. This means you can see the last few playlists your crush listened to on Spotify.

That way, if you see that all the playlists are of Justin Beiber, you know you can quickly dismiss them. Thank you Happn for watching out for us!


7) No more missed connections

This happens (no puns intended) way too often. In the metro station or in the cafeteria at school, walking on St. Catherines or getting something to eat at the Eaton Centre, on the bus or in the metro… You come across this person you find attractive. You both make eye contact for a little bit but your shyness gets the better of you. You quickly look away.

Now they’re long gone. You have that feeling inside you. It’s a little bit of a heartbreak mixed with a lot of regret. You’re thinking to yourself: “I should’ve gone up to her”. You begin wishing you had a second chance. You swear to yourself that if you saw her again, you’d go up to her.

Happn is that second chance.


8) Not ranked based on how hot you are

Tinder recently revealed that it’s ranking its members based on how much people swipe right on them. The more people swipe right on your profile, the hotter they assume you are. Fewer people are swiping right, well.. you get the point. This ranking affects how often your profile is shown as well as to who it is shown to. You will start seeing people of the same “hot” ranking as you. There’s no way to improve this.

On Happn, however, the key factor is geo-based. Not looks. You can easily argue that Happn is less shallow. It’s based more on where you go and what activities you like (aka personality) than what’s on the outside.

9) Less trashy

Tinder grew a pretty negative reputation. We all know why the vast majority of people are on there for. Except for the 2 or 3 people who are looking for “just friends”. Girls have told me that the guys on there are pretty trashy and it’s filled with douche bags.

Happn tends to be for more serious people. As in people actually looking for friends or something more serious. It’s not really a “hookup app”.


10) It’s FREE

Tinder has been limiting the features that their user can access. They are pushing people to pay between $10 and $20 US dollars to upgrade to Tinder Plus. They are limited basic features like the number of times you can swipe right. If you don’t want to pay/upgrade, you’re “punished” and forced to wait 12 hours before being able to continue swiping right.

On Happn, it’s completely free. All the features except for one very option feature is free. The only time you’d drop money on Happn is when you buy “charms”. For a few dollars, you can purchase 10 charms.

When you click “charm” on someone, they are notified instantly that you are interested. It’s totally worth it too.


Happn is basically an amplification of the real world. You’re matched with people who you would come across in real life while going about your day-to-day life. This makes Happn more realistic and the matches less superficial.

Download Happn for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We promise you’ll love it!

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