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  • 1500 year old mummy


    1500 Year Old Mummy Was Just Discovered Rocking Adidas Shoes

    Archaeologists unearthed a 1500 year old mummy wearing a pair of Adidas kicks. Kinda. The female body was found nearly 10,000 feet high in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia and people on the internet are screaming time travel. “This person was not from elite, and we believe it was likely a woman because there is no […]

  • Essay About Costco Hot Dogs



    Student Writes EPIC Admissions Essay About Costco Hot Dogs

    Brittany Stinson is a high school senior who learned on Thursday that she has been accepted into Stanford University, as well as five Ivy League colleges and universities: Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell and University of Pennsylvania. All six are elite colleges that are ultra-competitive and typically have low acceptance rates. In addition to stellar grades […]

  • Boost Your Wifi Using a Beer Can

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    How To Boost Your Wifi Using A Beer Can

    No joke. You can actually boost your wifi reception using a beer can. Beer companies should totally advertise this! Boost Your Wifi Using a Beer Can Follow these steps and you’ll have a stronger connection almost instantly! Empty the beer can (we suggest drinking it). Rinse and dry it Cut the bottom off Cut the […]

  • april fools prank


    16 BRILLIANT Pranks To Play This April Fools Day

    Can’t think of any April Fools Day ideas to prank your friends? Here are 16 of them! [playbuzz-item url=”//” info=”false” shares=”false” comments=”false” recommend=”false”]