6 Hidden Secrets You Won’t Believe Exist At Vanier!

We know our school is old. Heck, we’ve even heard the rumours of haunted ghosts at Vanier College. There are many hidden spots and secret places that very few people know about and even less people have seen. Mainly because we can’t access them. So we put this list together for you!

1) Floor Tiles of the Music Department


Ever go through A-200 and wonder what on earth those letters stand for?

In the mid-1800’s, there used to be 2 schools where Vanier is now. One of them was College Basile-Moreau (CBM). CBM ended up closing down in 1968 and both schools were replaced by Vanier College when the CEGEP system was set up. They never ended up changing the tiles.



2) The H Building


The H Building used to be a school on it’s own. It was Académie Saint-Alfred. Before that, in the early 1800’s, it was a chapel. Victims of the cholera epidemic of 1832 and 1854 were buried here.

They demolished it in 1911 to build Académie Saint-Alfred.










h-wing-detail hwing-top

3) The Library’s Stalker


A little exaggerated but this spots are perfect for stalkers. It’s borderline creepy.

above-the-library-chapel library-stacks-from-passere

These holes in the ceiling of the Library were used to project light back in the day.

4) The Bell

The bell was never removed from the bell tower at Vanier. It still exists. Wouldn’t it be cool if they rang it from time to time?

To get there, you have to go up metal stairs in the F building (don’t bother, it’s restricted). Then walk this platform:


Then climb a ladder. Finally, to get to the bell:


Wondering where exactly this is? It’s literally in the pointy thing that comes out of the main building that holds the cross:


5) The Underground Tunnel

vanier college tunnel

Yes, they do exist! It’s not just a rumour! Actually, there’s more than one! The tunnels interconnect underground. There’s a tunnel from the C building to behind the N building. Then from the N building to the Sisters of Sainte-Croix’s large complex, Pavillon Saint-Joseph. There’s also a tunnel from behind the N building all the way to Cegep Saint-Laurent.

Rough Idea as to where the tunnels are located
Rough Idea as to where the tunnels are located

Only if we were able to use these tunnels to avoid walking outside in the winter. The only way you can “walk” it is virtually on the VanierWalk website.

6) Astronomical Observatory


The Astronomical observatory is on top of the A building. It was built in 1973. It has a retractable roof and contains a Celestron 8-inch reflecting telescope.



This bottle of some unknown liquid was found in the attic of the D building.

A special thanks to Vanier College and to Matthieu Sossoyan (who’s a Vanier teacher) for collecting all the information and pictures on the Vanier website.

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