5 Reasons Why a Happn Date will be better than a Tinder Date


So many people are using Tinder to connect with other singles these days. Sure, Tinder is convenient, but it’s also annoying AF. How many Tinder dates have you gone on only to discover the person’s vibe was nothing like what you’d imagined?


Happn allows you to connect with people you’ve come across in real life, so there’s less imagining involved.

Here’s 5 things you can’t tell from a Tinder profile and why Happn is better.


#1 Voice

The sound of someone’s voice can be an amazing turn-on. It can also be a disastrous turn-off! Have you ever shown up to a date only to realize the guy with the ruggedly handsome selfies has an effeminate voice you can’t stand? Or maybe that girl with the sexy-librarian look has a nauseating voice that reminds you of Britney Spears? Voice is incredibly important in our attraction to someone, and unless you like talking on the phone to random Tinder strangers, you probably won’t figure out whether your new date’s voice makes you melt, or drives you mad before you’re face-to-face.

Since Happn users have crossed your path already, chances are you heard them speaking to the barista, or chatting with their group of friends.


#2 Mannerisms

Sometimes we just find people irritating. I’m sure you can think of a few people you’ve met who are not your cup of tea. The guy with the seemingly uncontrollable need to pet his own beard. The girl with the incessant open-mouth gum chewing. The way saliva gathers at the corner of their mouth when they talk. The way their over-exaggerated hand-talking embarrasses you and makes you want to hide. Sure, other people might find these little quirks adorable, but you don’t. Some things about people are just distracting and off-putting, and the little things really add up. You need to find a human whose presence you can stand!

Happn takes the guess work out of online dating since you have already gotten the chance to observe your prey … uh, I mean date, in their natural habitat.


#3 Hygiene

This one needs little explanation. A Tinder profile simply cannot convey whether someone takes care of themselves, and for most of us, that’s a big deal.

Thankfully, with Happn you have the opportunity to assess whether that cute person across the room is only nice to look at, and not so nice to stand down wind from.


#4 Attitude

Most people post smiling pics of themselves on their profile. Obviously, nobody wants to date a Debby Downer. Is your date actually a positive, upbeat, and friendly person, though? There’s no way to be sure until you’re conversing with that straight-faced, glass-half-empty, dejected person in real time. It’s easy to present yourself in a positive light via dating apps, but the real you will always shine through, in real life.

Using Happn to connect with people means having a better understanding of what they’re like in real life.


#5 The Whole Package

People are not one-dimensional faces, with a set list of personal interests. People are inherently diverse and complex. Apps like Tinder do not allow you to get a clear picture of whether you’re attracted to the whole person. Wasting time talking to and meeting up with people who don’t do it for you can be such a drag.

Happn is way more advantageous than Tinder because it gives you the opportunity to connect with people you’ve actually crossed paths with in the real world, people you already know you’re attracted to. So, no more (horrifying) first-date surprises! Don’t waste time meeting up with mystery people. Spend time getting to know people you are confidently attracted to. Make it Happn!


Download Happn for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone! We promise you’ll love it!

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