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10 Interesting Facts about Rainforest

Rainforests, as we all know, are such forests which experience a very very high level of rainfall. The annual rainfall in rainforest ranges from 98 to 177 inches. There are actually two types of rain forests: Tropical ones and the temperate ones. Anyhow, some interesting facts about rainforests are shared here. The top ten countdown starts here:

10: Space Acquired to life Ratio

Rain forests are actually known for acquiring a very less portion of the earth’s surface. Rain forests acquire approximately 2% of the earth’s surface but on the other hand rain forests are home to about 50% of all the plants and animals present on earth now a days.

9: Antarctica

Despite the fact that rain forest is a very complex climax community structure which means that it is self sustaining and can overcome many harsh conditions but still there are no rain forests in Antarctica. On the other hand, rain forests can be found on every other continent.

8: Fresh Water Reserve

Fresh Water which is also in less quantity now on the earth as many of the countries now are facing water scarcity problems. The rain forests include 1/5th of our fresh water reserve and to be exact that fresh water reserve is named as “the Amazon Basin.”

7: Water Supply

Rain forests aren’t only known for having water reserves but also for the fact that rain forests play a much vital role in our drinking water supply or the supply of fresh water to us. Rain forests are thus very important in maintaining our lives.

6: Natural Medicine

While on one side rain forests play a vital role in keeping our environment and our atmosphere clean, on the other side rain forests are also a great source of natural medicine. Approximately 25% of the worlds herbal medicine are from these rain forests.

5: Cancer Treatment

Fifth fact among interesting facts about rain forests is that rain forests are a great source of plants which are proved helpful in the treatment of cancer. These plants are either the source of certain chemical compounds which are raw materials for the medicine used in the treatment of cancer or are directly used. Actually 70% of such plants are found in rain forests.

4: Deforestation

The deforestation rate of rain forests is very high. There is no second of your life where a portion of rain forest isn’t cut down. Everyday approximately rain forests equal to 80000 football fields are lost by the earth.

3: People Depend on Rain Forest

There are 1.2 billion people in the world which are facing extreme poverty. Rain forests serve as source for the daily needs of approximately 90% of such people.

2: Leaf Canopy

Leaf Canopy means the extent of the outer layer of leaves. Actually this effect so much high in rain forests that it takes ten minutes for rain to reach the ground.

1: Studied Percentage:

Placed first here in the list of interesting facts about rain forests is the thing that even though as I mentioned earlier that 70% of plants used in medicine are found in rain forests and 25% of all the natural medicine is also from the rain forests but this is interesting that only 1% of the plants of rain forests are studied yet by the scientists for their usage in medicine.

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